A bunch of red onions
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The Unexpected Way An Onion Can Clean Your Shower
Placing onions in your shower to neutralize bathroom odors might seem odd, but it's a popular hack that has gained traction on social media, with many endorsing its usefulness.
Onions not only clear the air but also contain compounds that can soothe skin irritations or acne, alleviate congestion by loosening mucus, and even provide anti-aging benefits.
To utilize this hack, you can place whole onions in a bowl or cut them in half and position them around the bathroom, such as on the toilet tank, beside the sink, or on a shelf.
Alternatively, you can hang cut onions in a mesh bag on the showerhead, allowing the hot water and steam to activate and disperse the beneficial compounds
more effectively.
However, exercise caution with this method because one of the released compounds may irritate the eyes. Also, keep onions out of reach of pets, as they are toxic if ingested.