Pink mimosa flowers blooming in the yard
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The Unfortunate Downsides Of Growing A Mimosa Tree
In Your Yard
Mimosa trees may be incomparable in terms of beauty, but they can be a headache in the long term. Unfortunately, their list of disadvantages seems to be inexhaustible.
Their eye-catching foliage sadly only lasts briefly, usually for a few weeks, and the trees have a relatively short lifespan of about 10 to 20 years.
Mimosa trees are also very invasive, thanks in part to their vigorous roots and well-preserved seed pods, which are readily distributed by animals as well as the elements.
This means that the trees can pop up anywhere the seeds land, as they can survive in many types of soil. They can even sprout along your sidewalks or other unplanned areas.
The tree also has weak limbs that are easily threatened by heavy wind or snow. Additionally, it's toxic to your furry pets or farm animals if they nibble on the plant or its seeds.
The mimosa tree is also susceptible to pests and diseases, which may often lead to leaves wilting, branches falling off, and the entire tree needing to be removed.