Bee pollinating white flowers
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The Unique Annual Herb That Can Help Attract Pollinators To Your Yard
Planting borage, or starflower, in your garden comes with a lot of benefits, such as keeping pests off your crops and growing beautiful flowers that pollinating insects love.
Both an annual herb and an ornamental plant, borage has fuzzy, edible leaves that taste similar to cucumber and blossoms with gorgeous blue flowers that lure many pollinators.
Borage is also known to deter pests and keep them from bothering your fruits and vegetables, making them a great companion plant for strawberries and tomatoes.
Starflower plants grow to be a few feet tall and prefer to have as much sun exposure as possible, allowing them to provide shade to the garden plants that don't tolerate full sun.
These plants are self-seeding flowers, so you’ll only need to plant them once. They also must have well-draining soil and should only be watered when their soil dries out.