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The Unique Countertop Choice For A Modern, Minimalist Kitchen Look
Beige quartzite is one of the top materials to consider if you’re searching for a unique countertop choice that can give your kitchen a modern and minimalist aesthetic.
Unlike quartz, which is manmade, quartzite is a natural stone, and it’s known for being durable, allowing it to stand-up to scratches and knicks that might occur in the kitchen.
Though it is a porous material, with regular sealing, the material will be protected from spills. The stone's natural hardness is what makes it a great choice for the kitchen.
Quartzite is available in slabs that have subtle and more dramatic veining options, so it can look like marble while being an easier material
to maintain.
The neutral veins on a neutral field offer the minimalist look many seek for a kitchen design, and the warmth of the beige is a modern trend that makes the space more inviting.