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The Unlikely Kitchen Waste That'll Revive Your Smelly Food Containers
Even after several washes, Tupperware containers can still carry lingering odors. Thankfully, you can eliminate these smells with nothing more than coffee grounds.
Since plastics are porous, the more you use these containers, the more smells you're layering on top of each other, creating an unappetizing environment for your leftovers.
This hack works, as coffee contains nitrogen, which minimizes oxidation. Oxidation is directly responsible for food smells, causing products to spoil and emit foul odors.
To start, place fresh coffee grounds in your container, close it tightly, and let it sit overnight. Used coffee grounds may also work as long as they’re dry
and uncontaminated.
In the morning, simply remove your coffee grounds and rinse your container. Since plastics are porous, be mindful of using this trick if anyone in your home is caffeine-sensitive.