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The Unlikely Treat You Should Consider Hanging On Your Bird Feeder
While it is common to decorate your Christmas tree with candy canes, you can also hang some on your bird feeder to dissuade squirrels from wreaking havoc.
Old-fashioned candy canes contain peppermint, an ingredient squirrels hate. However, it is important that you look for brands that use actual peppermint oil, such as Brach’s Candy.
Simply zip-tie the candy canes to the top of the feeder, hang them down from the top with strings, or tape them to the sides. You can also secure several candy canes at once.
The key is to ensure that the candy can be smelled, so if you are planning on taping it to a cylindrical feeder, for instance, don’t cover the entire candy cane with the tape.
If you notice any evidence of the candy canes being snacked on, opt for another method as, if broken, these treats can become sharp and pose a danger to the birds and squirrels.