Hostas growing in garden
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The Vibrant Flowering Plant You'll Want To Grow Near Hostas
Pairing shade-loving perennials like lungwort with hostas is a great way to bring depth to your garden. Its size and various colors complement hostas' spring growth beautifully.
Lungwort’s growth cycle starts after the last spring frost with small, colorful blooms. It grows up to 18 inches, complementing the hostas’ larger size and spring-growth season.
Plant lungwort in late summer or early autumn in a semi-shady spot for best results. Both plants prefer loamy, well-draining, slightly acidic soil with added organic matter.
Lungwort will bloom in mid-spring into early summer as long as it receives enough water. Once the blooms begin to drop off, trim the stems to clean and encourage new growth.
In late autumn, trim back any fading leaves, or let them decompose into your soil. Lungwort grows larger every year, so make sure you divide your clump in late summer or fall.