Oil being poured into a funnel
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The Viral TikTok Tip That'll Change How You Funnel Lawn Mower Oil
A viral video by TikToker @that40yearguy has introduced a simple yet effective tip for pouring lawn mower oil without needing a funnel. The key lies in how you hold the oil bottle.
Like most people, the TikToker used to pour the oil with the bottle's spout down and on the lower side, which causes the oil to come out in a wobbly,
hard-to-control stream.
However, he realized that flipping the bottle so the spout is on top allows the oil to pour out smoothly and directly into the mower's oil tank, making the job easier.
You may still want to use a funnel so that you don't have to be so precise or keep your hand perfectly still. Be sure to pour the oil slowly and steadily to prevent any spills.