White flowering jasmine plant
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The White Flowering Vine That'll Provide Season-Long Blooms Indoors
Madagascar jasmine is a favorite among plant parents. It's a climbing evergreen vine native to Madagascar and is one of the best vining plants for freshening your home.
While in nature, its thick leaves and waxy white blooms emerge from spring to autumn and last up to a month, you can keep it blooming year-round under the right conditions.
The flowers exude a sweet, uplifting scent similar to tuberose and other jasmine. With climbing supports and plenty of sunlight, this woody vine is content to be a houseplant.
Peat-free and soil-rich compost is ideal for these plants, which can tolerate repotting about every two years. Madagascar jasmine thrives between 68 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
Water it every 1-2 weeks; for humidity, mist it every few days or keep it near a pebble tray with water. Use a potassium-rich liquid fertilizer to encourage bloom growth.
Avoid overwatering your plant, and once the flowers bloom, be cautious about moving it, as the delicate flowers could be shaken from the vine.
When the flowers are in full bloom, you can hand-pollinate them with a cotton swab or clean paintbrush, moving pollen from the male flower anthers to the female flower stigmas.