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There's A Reason People Are Putting Wax Paper On Top
Of Their Fridge
While cooking, heated oil rises and leaves a layer of grease on top of your fridge. Luckily, an easy way to protect it from grime buildup is to cover it with a layer of wax paper.
The wax paper will collect all the grease, then you can simply discard it when it’s dirty and replace it with a new sheet. Angi recommends replacing it every few weeks.
First, remove any existing dirt and grease from the top of your fridge with a sponge soaked in white vinegar. After rinsing and drying it, place a sheet of wax paper over it.
You can use newspaper instead of wax paper if you prefer. Newspaper is eco-friendly because it decomposes easily, and you won't need to spend extra on purchasing wax paper rolls.