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Think Twice Before Putting This Popular Ingredient Down The Drain
Refrain from washing mayonnaise down the kitchen sink, as it tends to congeal, collect other oils and anything else that will stick to it, and eventually build up into a clog.
The saturated fat in mayonnaise tends to be solid at room temperature, and the mixture of vegetable oils, egg yolks, and other ingredients has a slightly thick texture by default.
The oil in mayo sticks to pipes and other items you wash down, like food particles and other oils. In worse situations, it may stick even beyond a pipe wrench's reach in the pipe.
Even if you glop mayo into a garbage disposal first, the device cannot change the condiment's basic oily nature, and it will only
get stuck somewhere
further down the line.
Similarly, using hot water to wash it down will only temporarily liquefy fats and help them get deeper into the pipes before solidifying. So, it's best
to toss them in the trash.