Crack in a cement driveway
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Think Twice Before Trying This TikTok Hack To Seal Up Concrete Cracks
As your house ages, you may begin to see cracks in certain concrete parts of your house. TikToker @cristianmercado2 claims that an easy fix for such cracks is Elmer's glue.
In his video, the TikTok creator first deep-cleaned the concrete surface with soap and water before applying a degreaser and letting the floor dry overnight.
Then, he mixed one part of Elmer's glue with six parts of water in a bucket and brushed the solution onto the concrete floor evenly in three layers.
While it may temporarily fill in the cracks, it offers no real support, as Elmer's glue isn't a proper filler material. The creator fully acknowledged this in the comment section.
The TikToker admitted that his hack was to "lock in dust" and pave the way for rubber and wood flooring. To seal smaller concrete cracks, opt for trusted means like concrete caulk.