A groutless bathroom
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This Bathroom Floor Trend Makes Cleaning So Much Easier
In 2024, bathroom design trends are shifting away from the traditional tile and grout composition towards flooring options that either minimize or completely eliminate grout lines.
Grout is a hard-to-reach surface that is very susceptible to absorbing moisture and dirt, so it's a prime location for mold growth that needs regular scrubbing.
Groutless tiles substantially ease cleaning efforts and introduce a new era of design flexibility, allowing for a cleaner, more unified look in bathroom aesthetics.
Porcelain sheets, rectified edge tiles, and extra-large format tiles take center stage in this trend, merging seamlessly and negating the need for grout.
Boost Tarmac and Boost Balance Ash from Atlas Plan and the Dekton collection tiles by Cosentino stand out as prominent examples of this emerging trend.