A cardinal sitting on a branch
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This Beautiful Shrub Will Bring Cardinals And Pollinators To Your Yard
Planting a specific low-maintenance and drought-tolerant evergreen shrub is a brilliant strategy for attracting stunning red cardinals and beneficial pollinators to your garden.
The Simpson's stopper, also known as twinberry, blooms with delicate white flowers throughout spring and summer, attracting a diverse array of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.
As the Simpson's stopper flowers transform into berries, they become a nutritious snack for cardinals. The plant's evergreen leaves provide a year-round shelter for the birds.
Cardinals prefer to nest in brushy, hidden areas. Thus, consider planting Simpson's stopper alongside other berry-producing shrubs and near water sources like ponds or birdbaths.
Additionally, since cardinals feed on various insects, including caterpillars, placing the shrub close to a flower bed or vegetable garden can keep them well-fed and happy.