Pink shower curtain on rod in bathroom
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This Clever Shower Curtain Hack Is A
Game Changer For Small Bathrooms
A small bathroom can feel cramped, but it is possible to make it seem larger. For example, TikTok user @romantherealtor mounted shower curtains to the ceiling to broaden his space.
To recreate his look, you’ll need beaded chains, a ceiling mount, a shower curtain, pliers, and a drill. Pick lighter-toned or textured curtains to keep the space bright and airy.
First, determine what size mount you need. Amazon has a range of budget-friendly and high-end options to choose from depending on your price point and weight requirements.
Play around with how long you want the chains to be, then use them to suspend your curtains. The chain and curtain combo will elongate the room without making it feel blocked off.