A silverfish crawling on a wall
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This Cooking Staple Might Just Be The Key To Driving Silverfish Away
While not harmful, silverfish can be an unsettling presence in the home. Luckily, a cooking staple can help you drive them away without resorting to harsh chemicals: cinnamon.
To utilize this hack, simply sprinkle some cinnamon powder in bowls and place them in bathrooms, basements, laundry rooms, and other areas where you have encountered these pests.
You can also opt for cinnamon sticks or cinnamon oil. This method works because silverfish despise the smell of cinnamon and quickly abandon any space where they detect it.
This approach is not only natural and effective but also humane. Cinnamon does not kill these innocent invaders; it just encourages them to seek new shelter away from
your home.