A worn shovel featuring a black handle and wooden shaft
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This Genius WD-40 Shovel Repair Hack That Will Save Your Fingers
If you're tired of enduring painful splinters and nursing a throbbing finger every time you use your wooden-handled shovel, WD-40 offers a simple solution to save your hands.
Start by cleaning the shovel handle with a wet rag to remove any debris. Then, spray a fine mist of WD-40 onto the handle, ensuring that the nozzle is directed away from you.
Next, use a fresh rag to thoroughly rub the lubricant into the wood, treating it as a conditioning agent. Allow the product to sink in and dry before using the
shovel again.
Please note that this treatment isn't necessary for handles made of plastic, rubber, or metal. However, you can apply WD-40 on metal or steel handles to prevent rust or corrosion.