Mouse peering into margarine container
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This Hidden Spot In Your Home Can Be An Easy Entry Point For Mice
Mice are a common problem in many homes, and one reason you may have a rodent problem is that they take shelter in your garage and sneak into your home through there.
A door sweep can help prevent mice from entering through your garage door, but they often bite right through the rubber strip just enough to squeeze their way into your garage.
If your door sweep isn’t working, try installing a rodent-proof garage door seal, which is made of metal and designed to prevent mice from chewing through it.
Mice are attracted to clutter, so keep your garage clean to make it less inviting to them. Trim branches hanging over your garage, and keep the door closed when not in use.
Additionally, store all food, seeds, bags of mulch, and cardboard boxes in sealed containers, and remove any sources of water, including leaky pipes, birdbaths, and pet bowls.