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This Indoor Plant Will Prevent Snakes From Slithering In Your Lawn
Snakes may end up in your yard due to the abundance of plants, tall grass, water, and small animals, but you can deter them with snake plants, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue.
These succulents from southern Africa are low maintenance and prefer warmer temperatures over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, so should be moved indoors during cold winters.
Snake plants should be grown in pots or in a space separate from the rest of your lawn, as they will spread. They don’t like direct sunlight, so will do well in shaded spots.
Use potting soil made for succulents because they don’t do well with overly moist soil. When watering, it’s best to do so from the bottom of the pot to help develop stronger roots.
Snakes dislike the plants because of their appearance and texture. The shape of the leaves look intimidating to them, and they will avoid slithering past even potted snake plants.
Snakes are also repelled by the feeling of the plants when they touch them, making it distressing for them to move through an area where snake plants are growing.