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This Invasive Tree Could Seriously Damage To Your Home's Plumbing
While Sissoo trees are loved for the blissful shade their large size allows, vibrant green leaves, and fast-growing qualities, their roots pose many issues for homeowners.
Sissoo trees need plenty of room to grow due to their roots traveling upwards of 100 feet away from their trunk at times, which can infiltrate and damage property in many ways.
New Heights Tree Service has reported a customer finding Sissoo tree roots infiltrating their home by snaking into their kitchen and around their pipes, damaging their plumbing.
Also called an Indian Rosewood, the Dalbergia Sissoo is from the Fabaceae family and is native to tropical regions of India. This makes locations like Florida prime real estate.
Its roots begin to travel and spread from the base, risking damage to patios, pools, driveways, sidewalks, storage sheds, and destroying water lines and housing foundations.
If you find you have a Sissoo tree on your property, you’ll want to hire professional help to get rid of it, as the tree’s roots grow seed pods that can take months to fully remove.