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This Maroon Perennial Is Easy To Grow For Beginner Gardeners
If you're new to gardening and seeking a forgiving yet visually appealing plant, Knautia macedonica, also known as Macedonian scabious or crimson scabious, is an excellent choice.
With its charming, long-lasting soft pink to deep crimson or maroon flowers, this plant adds beauty and diversity to the landscape and attracts beneficial pollinators and insects.
It thrives in full sun but can tolerate some shade in hotter climates and prefers normal to sandy, well-drained, and evenly moist soil, especially during its initial growth phase.
Once established, Knautia becomes quite drought-tolerant, requiring only occasional watering during dry periods, and does not need fertilization if planted in nutrient-rich soil.
Although this plant is mostly resistant to pests, diseases, and deer, it's important to watch for signs of powdery mildew or aphids and treat them promptly if they appear.
Regularly removing spent flowers is crucial to promote continuous blooming and prevent self-seeding, while dividing the clumps every three to four years helps avoid overcrowding.