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This Stunning Houseplant Is Also Easy
To Grow
Peperomias, aka "radiator plants," are great for beginner gardeners. They do very well sitting in a window installed over a radiator, and they're safe for pets to be around.
Radiator plants appeal to container gardeners seeking small plantings and fit right in with pots and hanging planters, thanks to their rosette, bushy, and trailing growth patterns.
They can feed off the artificial lights or thrive in bathrooms where high humidity will keep them sated. It's no exaggeration — they're among the easiest houseplants to keep alive.
As indoor plants, they thrive in west or east-facing windows that afford them the right luminescence-heat mix (75 to 150-foot candles). Go lower, and the leaves start discoloring.
Since radiator plants act like succulents, they don't mind being underwatered. If you're the overwatering type, plant peperomias in clay pots to help avoid root rot.
Peperomias require no more than two low-dose fertilizers during the growth season. They also tolerate poor upkeep, and an occasional pruning in early spring keeps them in shape.