Hummingbird in flight
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This Trumpet-Shaped Plant Will Attract Hummingbirds To Your Garden
Hummingbirds can entertain you with their movements while also enriching your garden. One way to attract them to your yard is by adding a firebush plant to provide them with food.
This tropical plant prefers warmer weather and is highly resilient in heat and drought conditions. It’s easy to care for and provides food for different pollinators and insects.
Firebush is perfect for adding fiery color to your landscape, and its red blooms are especially enticing to hummingbirds, as their sight is more sensitive to yellows and reds.
Firebush is also a popular choice for hummingbirds due to its trumpet-shaped blooms. The long, slender beaks of the birds are more suited to feeding from the tubular blooms.
Planting firebush in your garden will also benefit surrounding plants, as hummingbirds transfer pollen from bloom to bloom, aiding in the fertilization and development of plants.