Lint on dryer filter
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Tidy Up Your Laundry Room With This Stylish Dollar Tree DIY
If you love to have a place for everything and have everything in its place, this handy TikTok DIY will help you keep your laundry room tidy and your dryer filters lint-free.
Regularly cleaning the lint out of your dryer filters can prevent allergies and even a dryer fire, so having a convenient bin to discard it in will make sure you do it more often.
TikToker @joyfullytreasured showed how to add a lint bin to the laundry room using a small Dollar Tree trash can, stickers, a Sharpie paint pen, and command strips or thumb tacks.
Just apply the stickers to spell "lint" on the bin, add a line underneath the lid of the bin with your Sharpie, and use strips or tacks to adhere the bin to an accessible wall.