Person screwing on a cabinet hinge
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TikTok Has An Easy Solution For Fixing Your Broken Cabinet Hinges
If your cabinet door hinge has a stripped screw hole, it’s quite easy to fix it without calling in a pro — and often this repair leaves your hinge stronger than it originally was.
TikTok DIYer @luonthedaily shows you how to fix a broken cabinet hinge easily using a dowel. Start by measuring the stripped hole, then purchase a hardwood dowel of that diameter.
Drill out the hole with a bit the same size as the dowel while keeping the hole's depth the same. Insert the dowel and mark where to cut it to be flush with the top of the hole.
Cut the dowel with a utility knife or handsaw, put wood glue in the hole and on the dowel, then push it into the hole. Let the glue dry, then reattach the hinge with a wood screw.
Since you're using a hardwood dowel with wood glue, this fix will be stronger than the original screw if your cabinets are made of a material like medium-density fiberboard (MDF).
You should also use a standard wood screw for the repaired hinge, as these are better suited to dowels than the confirmat screws that were originally used for your cabinet hinge.