Healthy cucumbers hanging on a vine
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TikTok's DIY Bamboo Trellis Is Perfect For Thriving Cucumber Plants
If you plan to grow your own cucumbers, let TikToker @laurenschell2 show you how to build a bamboo tepee trellis that’ll support them and help them produce their best yield.
You'll need five to six bamboo poles, some jute twine, and scissors. Set up your trellis where your cucumbers can get about six to eight hours of direct sunlight daily.
Lay the poles next to each other on the ground, tie their ends together with twine, pick them up and spread the legs out to create a tepee, then tighten the twine to secure them.
To hold the trellis together and make a ladder for the cucumbers to climb, wrap twine around each pole to create rows of twine from the top to the bottom, then tie off the twine.
Leave a gap in the twine between the two poles so you can go in to remove dead vines or pick cucumbers. Embed the bottom ends of the trellis in the soil over your cucumber garden.
Train existing cucumber vines to grow on the trellis by wrapping a few of them around the twine ladder. Your bamboo trellis can last up to six years before needing to be replaced.