Exposed ceiling in basement
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TikTok's Genius Solution For A DIY Basement Ceiling Under $100
Instead of covering up their exposed basement ceiling, TikToker saved a lot of money by using the lip of the I-joists to create a drop ceiling for less than $100.
You simply cut drywall sheets to fit between the I-joists, then rest them on the lips of the I-joists. This way, you can lift them up if you ever need to get into the ceiling.
You could pay at least $4,000 to cover an exposed basement ceiling, depending on the size of your basement and the materials used, or about $2,750 on materials to do it yourself.
However, spent under $100 for their drywall. Obviously, your basement ceiling needs to have I-joists with a lip to rest the drywall on for you to use this method.
Instead of drywall, you could also use ceiling tiles for a more decorative look, although they cost more, and you need to get tiles that fit the 16-inch space between the joists.