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Tiktok's Mess-Free DIY Is The Perfect Way To Cover Dated Popcorn Ceiling
Popcorn ceilings were once a popular choice for homeowners, but these days, many find that the texture is difficult to clean. Instead of removing them, use tiles to cover them up.
Removing a popcorn ceiling can be a messy process, especially if tests show that it contains asbestos. Hiring a professional to safely remove it can cost up to $3,000.
Instead of removing their popcorn ceiling, TikToker Coco's Conclusions covered it with polystyrene ceiling tiles for a cheap DIY project.
The TikToker bought 96 tiles measuring 19.6x19.6-inches, which was enough to cover 260 square feet. The tiles cost under $250, resist moisture, and come in multiple styles.
For this hack, you'll also need Styro Pro adhesive to glue the tiles to the ceiling. Apply it to the back of the tiles with a caulk gun and spread it evenly with a foam roller.
If you need to cut down the size of a tile, the TikTok user recommends using scissors instead of a box cutter for greater ease. The tiles can be painted for a more customized look.