Laminate wooden floors in a room
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TikTok's Tips For Fitting Laminate Flooring In Your Home's Curvy Corners
Installing new floors or replacing your laminate flooring is relatively straightforward; however, curves from items like a toilet can be a problem for DIYers.
Luckily, TikTok user @homeimprovementsuk shared a trick for getting the perfect laminate flooring around curves without needing template papers or complex measurements.
All you need to get that perfect fit is a pencil and something solid, like scrap 1x1 wood. Drill a hole in the scrap wood large enough for the pencil to fit snugly.
Cut the other end to a pointed shape so you can maneuver the tool smoothly around curves. Place the plank under the tool and guide it along the curve.
This lets the pencil on the other end of the tool mark the same curve on the plank. Cut the traced part and fit it around the curved area.
Make sure you align the tile where you intend to trace the curve with the next row of tiles, ensure that your tracing tool matches the size of the tile, and hold the tool properly.