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Tips For Using The Delay Function On Your Washing Machine
The delay function on your washing machine gives you the option to start a load at a later hour, so you can time it to be ready to dry clothes at your convenience.
While you’ll be free to choose when your washing machine starts, it won’t prevent you from having a sour wash if you forget to take it out to dry, so make sure to plan accordingly.
Using the feature at night is a great way to conserve energy and can even save you money, especially during the summer heat waves.
Delaying your wash can also help keep water pressure high if other water-consuming activities occur, such as running the dishwasher or bathing in succession.
The amount of time you can delay your wash load varies from machine to machine, like GE’s delay being from 1 to 9 hours or Samsung’s range of 3 to 19 hours.
You can look at your washing machine owner’s manual to see exactly how to work your particular delay feature or look up instructions online.