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Tips For Waterproofing Your Deck So Underside Storage Doesn't Get Wet
Having a raised deck gives your home extra gathering space as well as underside storage for various items, like a wheelbarrow, but you must ensure it is adequately waterproofed.
Start by using a level to determine if the deck has a natural, adequate slope away from the property. If not, you will need to add spacers or shims that create one.
Create a slope of up to 1 inch for every 4 feet of length to ensure water will flow in the correct direction. Then, select a corrugated panel with materials like tin or plastic.
Next, screw the panel into the frame on the underside of the deck, using rubber washers with deck screws to stop leaks. If needed, cut the material to fit around the support posts.
If you require multiple panels, overlap them a bit so there are no leaks. Enclose the space with materials like fence boards or thin decking boards to ensure maximum protection.
Depending on your deck's support structure, you may have to add more support posts or other pieces of framing to screw in the fence boards or other materials.