Kitchen featuring an under-cabinet range hood
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Tips To Pick The Right Under-Cabinet Range Hood For Your Kitchen
When selecting the right under-cabinet range hood for your kitchen, it is crucial to consider several key factors to ensure efficient performance and aesthetic harmony.
The hood should cover the entire cooking range yet not extend beyond the edges of your cabinets and countertops by more than a few inches to avoid creating an overhead hazard.
The type of exhaust system is also important. Ducted hoods, which vent air outside, provide more effective filtration and are ideal for stoves positioned against external walls.
However, they can be challenging to install. For stoves located on internal walls, ductless systems that filter and recirculate air back into the room are a practical alternative.
Additionally, ensure the hood's airflow capacity matches your cooking needs. For example, a stove with a high output will require a hood with a higher cubic feet per meter rating.
Finally, consider the hood's noise level. If you prefer a quieter kitchen, look for models with adjustable settings that can minimize noise without compromising air filtration.