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Topdress Your Lawn During This Time Of Year For A Healthy Landscape
Topdressing your lawn is an easy way to get better-looking grass. The process requires you to add a thin layer of compost or sand to your lawn to improve your soil’s health.
Spring or fall are the best times to topdress your lawn. Topdress warm-season grass types, such as Bermuda, in the spring and cold-season grasses, like Kentucky, in the fall.
It’s ideal to topdress your lawn during the growing season once you've started mowing your lawn weekly, as your grass undergoes high growth in the late spring and early summer.
If your lawn is healthy, you may only need to topdress once a year. However, you can topdress twice — once in the spring and once in the fall — if you have drainage or soil issues.
Remember not to topdress too often or in the wrong season because this can cause more harm than good, and it may ultimately damage your lawn.