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Transform A Cheap Dollar Tree Fall Tray Into Chic Decor
Dollar Tree fall trays are shaped like maple leaves and come in red, orange, and green with a metallic finish. To make them match your home aesthetic, use this quick and easy hack.
Shared by TikToker @perkinsonparkway, this hack requires paint, baking soda, and glue to transform the $1.25 trays into a tablescape or an entryway tray for keys or trinkets.
The TikToker adds wooden balls to the bottom of the trays to add height, but you can use materials like square blocks, pebbles, and cork, or skip the step altogether.
Clean the tray's surface before applying acrylic paint to help it adhere and cure better. For a ceramic look, mix the paint and baking soda together.
The ceramic effect can also be achieved with water-based, non-toxic chalk paint. Note that you may need two to three coats to completely cover the tray's original metallic finish.