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Transform IKEA Furniture Into Custom Drawer Storage With This DIY
With this DIY from TikTok, you can make custom drawer dividers by inserting wood panels into your IKEA wardrobe or dresser drawers so it’s easier to arrange your clothing neatly.
For the wood panels, use IKEA shelving or have your own boards cut at a hardware store. You’ll also need drawer divider brackets or clips and double-sided tape or wood glue.
Before cutting your wood, measure one of your dresser or wardrobe drawers. Decide how many compartments you want and what size they should be, and map it out on paper.
Paint your boards, then tape or glue the brackets to the inside of your drawer so you can slide the panels in and out. You'll need one bracket for each side of every divider.
Alternatively, skip the brackets and glue or tape your panels directly into the drawer, or if all of your dividers intersect, glue those together so they can be removed as a unit.