Steel grill gazebo with lights
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Transform Your BBQ Experience With A Grill Gazebo Tiktok Approves Of
TikTok is the place to go for all things DIY, and it's even better when great products go viral, like the Sam's Club Backyard Discovery Saxony Grill Gazebo.
This super awesome grill gazebo is entirely made of cedar, is DIY-friendly, and keeps your grill safe and clean. It has built-in water-resistant electricity outlets and USB ports.
This gazebo costs $1,199 to install, but prices can be as low as $674. It can also be a center point for family and friends, especially if you add a few bar stools.
The main benefit of having a grill gazebo in your backyard is that it can provide some shelter from the sun during summer parties. It's also durable enough to use year-round.
This gazebo can withstand heavy snow and fit grills up to 70 inches wide. One TikTok commenter said, "I got my husband one for Father's Day last year! It is the best thing ever."