Clean, modern glass shower
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Try These Clever Cleaning Hacks For A Sparkling Shower
Vacuum First
Dry your entire shower area, then use your vacuum to suck up hair and debris. Use one with a spinning brush or soft-fabric brush roll to avoid damaging the floor.
Be Patient
Run the shower for several minutes before applying cleaners, and let them sit to allow the steam and the chemicals to cut through grime for a more efficient clean.
Use Lemons
Remove stubborn hard water marks, such as limescale, from your shower fixtures by cutting a few lemons in half and rubbing them over the metal until it's shiny once more.
Apply Diet Coke
Acidic soda eats away hard water spots and rust. Simply wait until it goes flat, then apply it to stains with a sponge or use tin foil to scrub rust spots away.
Soak In Vinegar
Remove the shower head and submerge it in vinegar for 30 minutes or secure a vinegar-filled bag around it to clean out any limescale buildup and improve water flow.