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Try This Grocery Bag DIY To Keep Your Home Toasty During Winter
In an emergency, like when a snowstorm takes out your power, use plastic bags as temporary insulation to stop your home losing heat from drafts coming in through gaps in your door.
Your door leaks air when the weather stripping that’s meant to seal it wears away. The weather stripping must ultimately be replaced, but a temporary solution is to plug the gaps.
Plastic is a good insulator that will seal the gaps, keeping the heat in and cold air out, and even utility companies recommend using it as temporary insulation for unheated pipes.
First, inspect the entire door frame to find where cold air is coming in. Wherever you find a gap, use a butter knife to push plastic bags into it until all the leaks are plugged.
Plastic bags are thin and can get into small gaps better than towels; however, this is only a short-term solution for emergencies as the bags will fall out when the door is opened.