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Turn A Few Pool Noodles Into Stunning Wall Art With This Simple Hack
Oversized pieces of art can be a great way to add a focal point to any room. They can also fill up large blank stretches of wall, adding important visual interest and texture.
Unfortunately, large artwork carries hefty price tags, but TikTok user @nitta_homeandstyle created a stunning piece above her sofa using only pool noodles and a thrifted canvas.
To follow her design, lay out pool noodles of different lengths in a wave pattern on the canvas. After measuring the length of each piece, cut down the pool noodles with a knife.
Apply a generous layer of Mod Podge to the canvas and work swiftly. Start from the center, attach foam pieces to the canvas, and connect them with a stronger adhesive like E-6000.
Once dry, the sculpture is ready for painting. Use a posh gold spray paint to cover the entire piece, then employ gold washi tape to finish off the end of each length of foam.
Of course, you can paint the piece any color that matches your decor. Lighter colors may require a couple more coats to hide the bright colors of the foam, though.