A cute Hummingbird enjoying sugar water from a red bird feeder in rural Minnesota, USA.
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Turn A Shepherd's Hook Into An Easy DIY Bird Feeder With This Hack
TikToker Your Barefoot Neighbor had a brilliant idea of using a shepherd's hook to create a bird feeder in the garden, which not only attracts more birds but also looks great.
To build the feeder, you'll need a big shepherd's hook with several hooks at the top or a single-hook one. You'll also need a large planter, soil to fill it up, and a power drill.
Drill holes in the planter's bottom to insert the shepherd's hook and provide drainage for the container. Place the planter where you want it and secure it with
a shepherd's hook.
Fill the planter with soil without packing it too tight, and plant some flowers to make it look lush. Finally, hang some bird feeders on the shepherd’s hook.