Small birds perched on a multilevel feeder made of embroidery hoops
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Turn An Embroidery Hoop Into A One-Of-A-Kind Bird Feeder
YouTube's Little Conversations recently showed audiences an amazing DIY project that creates a large, multilevel hanging bird feeder with old embroidery hoops.
You’ll need embroidery hoops, yarn or twine, a length of rope, glue, small plastic condiment takeout cups, and wooden sticks that are the same width as the hoops for the perches.
Arrange the hoops in any desired pattern from top to bottom vertically. Glue the hoops together in a line, carefully wrapping the joints with twine to further secure them together.
Use a piece of rope attached to the top to create your hanger and a loop for the hook or nail. Glue your wood pieces to the sides of the hoops to form the cross-beam perches.
After they’ve dried, apply glue to the bottom of the condiment cups, affixing them in the middle of the sticks. Fill the cups with birdseed and hang the feeder anywhere you’d like.