Hand holding a blue fidget spinner
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Turn An Old Fidget Spinner Into Functional DIY Cabinet Storage
Thanks to an inventive TikTok hack shared by @lahlahlandhomedecor, you can create a DIY lazy Susan with a fidget spinner, a glass tray, a candle holder, a tea light, and hot glue.
Lazy Susans are a kitchen savior, and this one offers convenient accessibility to all your items. They organize any area while offering storage space for things such as spices.
Before carrying out this genius TikTok hack, you'll want to remove everything from your cabinets and give them a thorough cleaning. Your cabinets should be cleaned annually.
Remove the top button from your fidget spinner; you need one side of the fidget spinner securely in place. Next, glue the button-free side of your fidget spinner to the tray.
Flip your tray over with the spinner on the bottom, allowing rotation. Then, glue a tealight in the center, and top it with a candle holder and a second tray on top using glue.