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Turn Big Box Store Cabinets Into Shoe Storage With This TikTok DIY
If you've got too many pairs of shoes and not enough space to store them, consider this TikTok-approved hack of turning Home Depot's big box cabinets into a shoe storage unit.
Available in many sizes and colors, these shelves can sit however and wherever you want. Many options have unfinished exteriors, so you can paint and stain them as desired.
As shown by TikTok user @sararose152, installing the cabinets is relatively easy, but adjusting the doors and drawers to your preference may take some time and more tools.
Once you put up the cabinets, you can paint them white for a more timeless look or black for a more sleek appeal. You can also choose any shade that best matches your decor.
If you’d like your shoes to be on display, remove the cabinet doors. You can also highlight key details with an acrylic shelf, line up your shoes along the shelves, or use baskets.
You can designate different cabinets for the kids and parents, too. This will help you keep track of all the shoes at once so you know which are unused and which need replacing.