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Turn Old Vases Into Vintage Light Features With This Nate Berkus DIY
HGTV's Nate Berkus discusses his ingenious way of turning old ceramic vases into a one-of-a-kind, stunning lamp that perfectly fits your style.
Berkus tells Home & Gardens, "For years, people have turned old Chinese pottery into lamps. Any sort of vase or pair of vases can be turned into a lamp with a simple lamp kit."
To prepare your vase, make a hole in the base for the cord and fittings with a drill bit designed for glass and tile. Many advise keeping the drill bit wet to avoid damage.
Place a masking tape X over the hole to help guide you and protect the surface. Insert a basic lamp kit, stringing the apparatus up through the vase.
You will also need a base that lifts the vase off the ground, as well as a vase cap or large washer to close off the top and allow the lamp to thread up and through.
For a wireless version perfect for spots that lack an outlet, set up the hardware without a cord, but instead of using a traditional bulb, opt for a battery-powered LED bulb.