A woman cleaning a window using cleaning sprayer with yellow washing liquid.
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Turns Out All You Need Are Magnets To Easily Clean Your Windows
A genius idea many brands have turned into a reality is a set of two magnets outfitted with little sponges that allow you to clean your windows in record time.
The magnetic action keeps the two pieces locked together as a unit, so by wiping the surface of the glass from the inside, you're cleaning the outside.
The magnets are attached to plastic discs with grips, allowing you to move them. Held together by magnets on opposite sides of the window, moving one also moves the other.
The disc on the outside window has a safety cord that attaches to your wrist. If the magnets detach, you won’t lose the outside half to the ground below.
To prevent streaks, move the magnets in a circular motion. If your window cannot open, have a partner outside hold the disc to the window and connect it magnetically inside.