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Unexpected Toilet Plunger DIYs You Can Use Around The House
Candle Holder
Unscrew the plunger's wooden handle, then take a plastic jar lid and hot glue it to the rubber plunger. Glue it to the end of the handle and attach it to the jar lid.
Spray golden paint on it, then mount it to the wall and place a faux candle for ambient lighting. Elevate its look with a strip of leather and some tacks to simulate a bracket.
Halloween Broom
Spray paint the plunger handle gray-brown and hot glue raffia to the rubber. Neaten up the broom's appearance by tying more raffia strands to the base of the handle.
Glue Halloween signs and decorations to the top to create a standing witch's broom. You can swap out embellishments with this project using any Halloween decor you have on hand.
Wall Hanging
Cut the ridged end of the wood plunger handle off with a power saw, then wrap a long strand of yarn around each end of the dowel to create a hanger.
Tie evenly spaced bunches of yarn around the dowel, and cinch each bundle with clear rubber bands to create a triangle pattern. Finish by cutting the bundles to a uniform length.
Table Centerpiece
Blow balloons and attach them to the plunger's top and bottom, then add a ribbon and a small teddy bear to the exposed wood toward the middle of the handle.
Faux flowers, paper fan decorations, or even holiday bulb ornaments could all replace the balloons to suit your specific decor requirement. Just remember to hide the rubber base.
Faux Foliage
Hot glue bunches of faux leaves near the plunger handle's end, then wrap the handle tightly with jute twine to simulate tree bark, adding hot glue as needed.
Glue the plunger base to a basket and add river rocks for stability. If the tree base is heavy enough, you can substitute faux moss for river rocks without losing stability.