Person putting plates in a dish rack
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Unexpected Ways To Use Dish Racks In And Around Your Home
Entryway Organizer
Mount your old dish drainer on the wall near your front door to create a floating organizer for your keys, mail, or pet leashes that reduces unnecessary clutter.
Shoe Rack
Slender footwear like flip-flops or sandals fit neatly into the rack’s plate slots, while large shoes can be propped on the leveled side of the rack reserved for cups.
Desk Caddy
A dish rack is great for storing all manners of work accessories. Add small trays to create more compartments or connect a power strip to create a charging station.
Mini Bookshelf
The slots on a dish rack are perfect for housing books. Place the mini bookshelf atop a dresser or coffee table, or set up a reading station in your child’s bedroom.
Wire Storage Basket
Your rack can hold anything, from hats and gloves to sponges and cleaning sprays. Slide it under the bed, in a closet, or under the sink to keep it out of sight.