Several pots of succulent plants
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Upcycle Your Broken Plant Pot With This Succulent Garden Hack
With this simple hack, you can easily give a cracked planter a new life by turning it into a stunning succulent garden, as long as the pot’s base still remains intact.
While any succulents will work for this cracked-planter garden, four species that will complement each other especially well are echeveria, sedum, haworthia, and crassula.
These succulents have similar care needs and a variety of colors, textures, and shapes, making for a visually appealing group. All you'll need next is some well-draining soil.
Plant your succulents as you normally would but also compactly stack them along the planter's crack. Once established, your plants will grow both vertically and horizontally.
Add a full layer of soil to the cracked planter for a solid foundation to place your succulents and the broken pot pieces. Strategically place the shards for an appealing display.
Include as many of the pot pieces as you like, and if you have other cracked planters, add those, too. Even a half pot, planted on its side with more succulents, can be added.
Consider adding pebbles for more color and texture. Water the plant well, letting the soil dry out between waterings, and place the pot in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight.