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Updating Quartz Countertops With Paint Has One Major Drawback
Quartz has long been a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, but when its allure fades, or it starts to look tired and worn out, replacing it could cost thousands of dollars.
Painting quartz is one option, but it's a far from ideal solution: The smooth surface won’t hold paint well, and painted surfaces are susceptible to chipping and water damage.
You’ll also require specific compounds and sanding tools, making the job even more tricky. Fortunately, there are other cost-effective ways of transforming
your countertops.
A deep clean with a product designed for this purpose might restore the stone’s luster, or if the quartz is damaged, you could try a professional resurfacing treatment.
Another possibility is to sell your old quartz. You’ll need to measure it accurately and describe its condition, but you might be pleasantly surprised by how much it will fetch.
For a brand new look, a layer of epoxy might be the answer, as it bonds well to quartz and comes in many colors and finishes, including realistic stone and marble-like veining.
Bear in mind that epoxy is susceptible to stains, and achieving a smooth finish requires a skilled, careful application, but it could still be a bargain solution for savvy DIYers.