An elegant bathroom sink
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Upgrade Your Builder Grade Utility Sink With This TikTok DIY
If your builder-grade utility sink is killing the aesthetic vibe of your room, give it a stylish upgrade using a removable faux vanity, as shown by TikTok's @Livingwithley.
Cut three plywood sheets with a saw to fit each side of the sink — two if the sink is against two walls. When measuring the sides, be sure to include overlap in the corners.
Apply wood glue to the edges of each side, then attach them and secure using screws and a drill. Next, cut a piece of plywood to fit the vanity's top and cut a hole for the sink.
Use the remaining plywood to cut out faux drawer and door faces and attach them to the base's front with wood glue and screws. Cover the screw holes using wood filler.
Finally, paint your piece. You can customize the faux vanity further by attaching chic drawer or cabinet pulls and using high-gloss paint or peel-and-stick paper for the counter.